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Berreta For Sale

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Mostly famous in the United Sates for having supplied the M9 handgun to the US Armed Forces, Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A., commonly known simply as Beretta, is an Italian firearms manufacturer with a long history and a wide portfolio of products. From fine hunting shotguns to modern military rifles, Beretta offerings cover an extensive  variety of uses. All the fields where Beretta is not present directly are filled by the over 25 companies part of the Beretta Holding.


Beretta offers firearms for hunting, competition and personal defense and “tactical” use.

Active for almost five centuries, Beretta has been manufacturing all types of firearms. Currently the Company is mostly active in the productions of shotguns and semi-auto pistols.

Beretta has also an extensive line of clothing and equipment dedicated to hunters and outdoor enthusiast alike.

What sets Beretta apart from most of its competition is the capability of integrating modern solutions and designs with traditional artisan skills. This is showcased through Premium models or limited editions of standard models, such as the 92 FS Fusion.

Berreta For Sale

Beretta Pistols

Beretta has been manufacturing semi/auto pistols for over a Century, however the international rise to fame of the brand in this field came with the Model 92, a variant of which was then chosen in 1985 to arm the US Armed Forces, under the M9 moniker.

Since then the 90 series of pistols, easily distinguishable thanks to the open slide design, have been proposed in a wide range of configurations and primarily 2 calibers: 9×19 Luger (Model 92) and .40 S&W (Model 96).

The success of the series has not stopped Beretta from developing new models and experimenting new solutions for full size pistols. Such as rotating barrel short recoil operation (8000 Series) later implemented in a polymer framed model (PX4) and striker fired (APX). berreta m9berreta pistols – berreta m9 – berreta 9mm – berreta 22 – berreta m9 for sale – berreta 9mm for sale – m9 berreta for sale – black berret

Beside the above duty and personal defense models, Beretta has also been offering pocket pistols, both centerfire and rimfire, and target models.

APX Series

The APX Series is the latest offering in the semi-auto pistols range of Beretta. The first full size model from the adopting a striker firing mechanism with no external safeties, the APX also offers a steel serialized chassis and a polymer grip frame which can easily be replaced. Operation is by the well tested, Browning derived, system of short recoil with tilting barrel.

Initially developed as a military and law enforcement full size model, specifically to compete in the US Army’s MHS selection, now the APX is available in several different configurations.

Here below what Beretta says about the full size and the Centurion model.

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